Sunday 19 December 2010

Fourth Advent of Sunday

Fourth Sunday of Advent ?

Blimey, it must be almost Christmas – let me check.

Sitting Room - smell of fresh pine, tinsel and lights (check) - no pressies yet.

Outside- mistletoe (check) ripening on the crab apple tree - no kisses, yet.

All is calm, all is bright.

Snow – not yet - heavy, heavy frost, ground as hard as iron, stoney water! Deep, bleak (check).

Village – Christmas tree, lights, garage decked in holly (check).

Dr Who Special – Christmas Day 6pm (check)।

Angels from the realms of glory? I don’t see them. But I’m looking!

Shepherds in the fields abiding? Quite possibly, but they must be bloody freezing! It’s a cold winter’s night, pretty deep.

I don’t know about your own contemplations at this time but in my opinion brighter visions beam afar!

Tomorrow, for instance, in these pages guess what?

The Quiz of the Year!!



popps said...

Janet Bianchini said...
It seems a bit strange not having such regular posts as in the past. However, I am looking forward to the Quiz of the Year, which should be fun :)

19 December 2010 20:31

popps said...
It seems strange for me too Janet, normal service resumes tomorrow!

19 December 2010 22:46

Anne said...

Very nice :) I'm all for orange, myself, our wreath is all nuts and oranges. But I'm afraid that's completely pagan. Oh, well. Me and the nyads and dryads and nymphs and a few satyrs, not to mention the dwarves and leprecauns, are looking forward to Christmas, for sure.
I'm off for a few days, mourning family, as one is wont to in winter as one gets older, but will be back to see what these here quiz is all about.

popps said...

It was the local village Anne, sunday evening and hot wine, pretty pagan too in the end.
fare ye well, yep Christmas, mourning, age.......not a virgin birth in sight.