Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Say Fromage(part four)

continued from before, before and before.

If a French photographer wants you to smile before he takes your picture he will ask you to say –“ouistiti”.

I hope this is useful for you in the future:

a) If a French person takes your picture.
b) You are taking a picture of someone French.

Another free service brought to you from Bitsnbobs.


Mary said...

Monday ... cheese
It begins with ease.
Tuesday ... more cheese
This I think must be a tease!
Wednesday ... STILL cheese
Will this dairy focus cease?
Thursday ... variations on cheese
Repeat oui-sti-ti please.
Friday ... whither cheese?
Gone on holiday to Belize?


PS Would like to blame the poor quality of poetry on a terrible head cold that I contracted half way through the week. No cheese for me till it's done.

popps said...

I think you have excelled there Mary - get better soon.

Mary said...

Cough ... sneeze ... thanks ... sniffle!