Tuesday 28 September 2010

Uncle Spice

Mark last appeared on my blog when he contributed a guest post to what has become known, round here anyway, as the Mirror Series Legends, his contribution is here.

Yesterday however, he appeared in my email in tray suggesting, I think, that a man known as Panjabi Bill should feature on this blog.

Who am I to argue?

And who is Panjabi Bill?

Well I don’t think I’m anyone to argue, and I don’t know who Panjabi Bill is except what Mark tells me – which is, ‘Bob Montague is a master chef of all things Indian and carib with a strong emphasis on the spicy. He is also a devout vegetarian and spurs fan of mixed parentage as well as being an all round good egg.’

Like me, you may be asking if Bob is Bill and if so why he isn’t Bill but Bob, and whether he looks like an egg or is one.

To simplify things I have decided that since, in English, we say Bob’s your Uncle, Panjabi Bill, who might be Bob Montague, is now Uncle Spice and here, with his own photos and words is what he, or Mark, me or possibly Mr Betreff is offering.

Betreff: Panjabi Bill´s Exclusive Cuisine: Today´s Recipe

(done with Puff Pastry)
Filling, pickled onions and pickled tomatoes, with some garlic and herbs, (coriander green, cumin, chili & salt)
Although pickled, the tomatoes and onions, with the garlic, salt and chilies are fried; only adding the fresh coriander at the end.
Tip: Don’t forget, the filling can be made at least 30% hotter, or with more spice, than at the end product, the Puff Pastry takes much of the spice into the pastry, so don’t be scared, make the sauce real hot, you wont be sorry!
Roll out your puff pastry into squares, using flour, wetten the sides of the pastry with water, put a spoonful of this mix into the middle of the pastry, close the pastry and using a fork, jab the sides, put the pastry on a tray, covered with oven paper, pre heat the oven on Mark 8, which I believe is appx. ......... pretty hot......., when all Pasties are done put them in the oven for 30 mins on heat 5-6, ........ not so hot.

Spicy vegetable mix,
including tomatoes, celery, beans, onions, cauliflower, fresh ginger a couple of cloves of garlic, two pods of fresh chilies, chop up all the ingredients and chuck em in a pan of hot oil, fry on top heat for about 15 minutes, then reduce the heat, add a glass of beer, some sea salt, and cover the pan for 10 minutes. Finito!

Basmati Rice.
one bay leaf, one clove, one cardamom, one small piece of Cinnamon, garlic and ginger, salt, after washing the rice, depending on how much one is cooking, just 1cm. of water above the rice level, cook with lid on until the water has resided, take off the heat, leave for 10 min. to cool.

Don’t forget to wash the plates!

Panjabi Bill

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