Monday 2 August 2010

Things that bother me (part one in an occasional series)

Please God, if I get reincarnated please don’t let me come back as one of those people who phone you up at lunch time and try and sell you double glazing.

One rang me today and asked to speak to me, so I said what’s it about, he said do you speak French, and I said what do you think, and he said a bit, so I said if you like, and he asked to speak to me, and I said what’s it about and he said double glazing and I said I’ll go and get him and he rang off.

Should I say please God in this case (reincarnation) or should I say please Buddha?


Anonymous said...

Just stop it !!!!

popps said...

Anonymous, it's a fair cop.

Vicki said...

So should we get ready for some 'grumpy old man' type posts?

Nah, they'd have to be a passing fad. You won't be able to hold up the facade for long without giggling and wanting to do something more creative - in fact I predict this could be a very short series.

popps said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for dropping in.
This probably counts as a filler, and i'll find a grump when i need it i guess.