Sunday 1 August 2010

The Digestive issue 7 (July 26 - Aug 1)

A bunch of lame excuses, two film reviews and a lot of photos from some place elsewhere (continued today).

Welcome to the Digestive.

Did you know that you can pay other people to write your blog for you?!! It’s a scandal! For folk who just don’t have the time.
Well here on bitsnbobs we can save you the hassle of reading the things too – for free!!

The Digestive!

The week rolled up into a handy packet (of biscuits). Open it up and help yourself.

Go to the cinema and see Inception, or if you want a good giggle and a few sentimental tears, Toy Story 3 instead.

Next time you need an idea for playing a joke on someone consider aluminium foil.

Or like me, stay in bed and read a book.

I’ve just started a collection of Neil Gaiman short stories.

The first story in the collection is Chivalry - a short story that if it is the only short story you ever read this is the one. There is an unwatchable version of someone butchering it on youtube that i wont either bother to mention, so don't look for it. Instead enjoy the man himself reading Instructions.

Have a good Sunday.

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