Wednesday 28 July 2010

Tears in Elsewhere

In for a penny, in for a pound eh?

Yesterday you get a review of Inception, today Toy Story 3.


Well, here's where I’m coming from - I loved Toy Story (the first), cried like a tap at the sentiment and laughed at the jokes. I even went out and bought a Buzz Lightyear figure. I was unsure about computer generated art, i feared the damage it would do to the acting profession- but i left the cinema well impressed by the creative energy and ideas on display.

I paid my money and bought a ticket for Toy Story 2, enjoyed it but forgot it and resented Martel's apparent involvement by pushing Barbie.

But rumours reached me that Toy Story 3 was worth the effort so, being elsewhere, I set off with family in tow.

I expected to cry - come on I’m a dad, I have a son about to leave for college and a daughter who will be at school all week for the first time.

But -!

I was distraught.

The cinema emptied around me, I couldn't move and my glasses were too wet to see through.

But I laughed a load up to the end. Buzz's Spanish moment was priceless and I will steal his choreography for the next time I’m in a disco.

When a film can make you laugh AND cry and dance - it has to be good.

When it's done by a bunch of drawings, computer generated, it's good plus.

The fact that my son cried too is plus plus.

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Vicki Hollett said...

I read somewhere that it seems to be hitting all the right buttons to make men cry. And that made me wonder about an old article I'd read here:
And more here:
Looks like the makings of a good lesson to me - if I take in the kleenex.