Thursday 29 July 2010

Nibbling Toes, Elsewhere.

I was Elsewhere for a bit, but I’m back home now.

Still, I haven’t quite left there yet.

Whilst I was there I saw a crowd of folk leaning in looking at something, in the middle of crowds of people looking elsewhere.
Crowds of people looking elsewhere in Elsewhere, whilst others leaned in looking at something else.


I’d better lean in and take a look.

Fish massage.

Fish massage?

Seems that it has passed me by here in the wood where I live, though those in Elsewhere, where I was and with whom I was, knew enough about it to tell me that elsewhere from Elsewhere -(though not here) - it is illegal, though I’m not sure if it’s to protect the fish or the toes.

In Fish massage Elsewhere you roll up your trousers and stick your legs in a tank of water where a bunch of fish nibble your toes.

One of my friends Elsewhere says they would never stick their legs in a tank of Piranhas – but I don’t think these were Piranhas, just toe nibblers.

Anyway, no one was screaming.

Unless the fish were?

In California - a long way from Elsewhere - at the Tassajarra Hot springs, you can exit the steam room and plunge into a cool stream alongside. The fish come and look at you, don’t nibble and swim back to whatever they were doing before you plunged.
It’s nice, and there is no exploitation.

However, the Tassajara Hot Springs are not easy to get to, unless you are a Buddhist and sign up for a retreat.

A day visitor needs permission, needs to turn up at the access point, needs to eat something from the sandwich stand because it’s really delicious and then drive over hot desert hills to the spring.

You need to be careful because the car will overheat; you need extra water.

In Elsewhere the Fish massage is not easy to get too either.

If you want directions, let me know.

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