Tuesday 15 June 2010

You can NEVER have too many Cherries.

You can learn a lot of things at our local market on Sundays.

This week, for example I learnt that there is a giant screen set up in an old goat shed up in the village for anyone who wants to watch world cup football.

With the goats.

The Goat Shed in the village is almost legendary having, at different times, been a theatre, circus venue, youth club dive (until they were banned – I never did find out exactly what happened and exactly how involved my own were) and, oh yes a goat shed.

This sounds like a radical improvement from 4 years ago when it was a slightly big screen in a barn next to the goat shed, and in a minute I’m off for a cycle ride to investigate.

I also learnt that Doug, who lives in the village, went there on Saturday evening wearing a full St Georges Cross flag and carrying a hunting horn to watch England be upstaged by the USA in the first of group B’s matches. He was very, very proud 4 minutes into the game, but on Sunday morning at the market he confessed to being humiliated.

I heard about his outfit, the flag and the final score from at least eighteen other people as I wandered through the market looking for gherkins and cabbage.

I also learnt that it is a silly thing to buy a 5-kilo box of cherries at the start of the market and then walk through the crowded streets with it under your arm.

So i bought another one on the way home.

Then I learnt that my daughter can eat five kilos of cherries in 24 hours.

Maybe she’s a sleep-eater?


vicki said...

Lovely post as always. Just wanted to say I think I might be able to eat 5 kilos of cherries in 24 hours too. They're a heavenly fruit.

popps said...

with the competition round here you won't get a look in Vicki!
Thanks for dropping by.