Monday 14 June 2010

Posted Posters.

A couple of days ago I posted the bitsnbobs football world cup quiz.

There were a couple of problems – questions three and eight where the link I hoped would work didn’t/doesn’t so certain visuals are/were missing.

This is remedied here/above.

The visuals you need if you do the quiz are above/here.

The first person to complete the quiz, despite adapting a fairly cavalier approach, wins a bonus point in any end of the year quiz (please remind me as three bonus points have been dished out already this month).

This (third) bonus point is on its way to Munich.


Anne said...

Boy oh boy! Hm. Cavalier used to have a good ring to it, like, back in the middle ages. Chevalier, if I'm not mistaken, had more to do with the spirit of the rider than of the horse. I wonder what happened.

popps said...

Cavalier in this context, is free and wild and fun.