Thursday, 13 May 2010

Have you heard the news?

So what’s been going on in the news of late?

The British election obviously- on and on and on if you ask me- but nothing has really caught my eye until, that was, I started clearing up all the half-unread piles of old newspapers and magazines that a casual visitor to the house might mistake as our preferred form of carpeting.

Krissie and I share an illness called ‘I’m-sorting–out-all-my-papers-and–everything-else-at-the-same-time- by-spreading-it-out-in-a-morphing-mass-around-me-sitting-here-in-the-middle-of-the-floor”.

Apparently it’s incurable.

It was my turn this week and I decided that the best way to approach the task was to sit down and read cover to cover each magazine, to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything essential. Only there was nowhere to sit as the cats had taken the sofa, the two armchairs and all the kitchen seats. Standing outside I came across this item that may have escaped your notice.

Apparently, and I’m sorry I don’t know the time frame here or even when in fact, at least 50 children have been taken seriously ill in America after kissing frogs.

Most, but not all, were girls under the age of ten.

I think 50 is actually quite a small number considering the population and the number of times I personally wish on the new moon, the first star, a shooting star, the first bite of a fruit in a season, birthday candles as they get blown out, saying the same word at the same time as the person I am talking to, seeing eight magpies or a chimney sweep.

On a different note you might have missed the statement Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made after the successful preservation of the Hollywood sign after a public campaign to save it from property developers who wanted to demolish it and build condominiums.

And if you didn’t it’s worth hearing it again.

"The Hollywood ending we hoped for". He said: "It's a symbol of dreams and opportunity. The Hollywood sign will welcome dreamers, artists and Austrian bodybuilders for generations to come."

Humour like that could just about swing my vote.


Anne Hodgson said...

Arnold is one of a kind. They don't make a lot of Republicans like him. Did you see the architects far-out idea to turn the sign into a hotel? Just a pipedream

Janet Bianchini said...

I too, find it difficult to throw old magazines away, but I sometimes go on a mission to reduce the clutter that occasionally surrounds me. I just reduce the pile by putting the reduced / cut up articles in another folder which is called "Articles of interest". This way, I know where they all are.

popps said...

he he he, "just a pipedream" - i feel an Oscar nomination coming on.

popps said...

Janet - i do that with my email in-box. A nice fat file called "other".