Tuesday 27 April 2010


Do you ever get that feeling, when you are writing, that you want to do it differently? Change voice? Say something that you wouldn’t normally?

Oh, golopo staddle flush.
Gringpiddle wallyfoot, jikhol jimjumbo.
Waggle waggle luff cidgeam!

There - let spell check handle that!


Carol Laidler said...

That reminds me of a site (still on the Shakespeare track) I found today as I was looking up definitions of hermeneutics. A Shakespeare Insult Kit:


Thou lumpish reeling-ripe clack-dish!

Anonymous said...

Commentless despeached and thinking about Roald Dahl Sx

popps said...

carol - why hermeneutics? what is the connection with photography?

popps said...

S! - why Roald Dahl?