Wednesday 28 April 2010

What then?

What if, once upon a time, the world was flat - round but flat? No mountains, no hills, pancake flat?

What if, at that time, there were hundreds, thousands, of giant giants on the world and…

What if there was a violent and deadly battle that waged for hundreds, maybe thousands of years?

And what if, one by one those giant giants fell where they were cut, sometimes alone but sometimes in great numbers? Wouldn’t they look like hills? Mountains?

And what if with time, they turned to stone? Or were stone before they fell; giant stone giants fighting battle desperate until they fell?

If it were so wouldn’t the mountains sometimes look like giant giants; a head here, an arm there, a shoulder, a leg there?

Wouldn’t the trees and grass, shrubs and flowers that grow on the sides of those mountains be their skin? And the bare rock, wouldn’t that be their wounds that caused their fall?

What if it were so?

What if this happened so long ago that no one could remember, no tale told it so?

What if the trees and grass and shrubs and flowers were growing, covering, healing?

What if those giant stone giants were not dead but waiting, waiting for the trees and grass and shrubs and flowers to finish healing?

Wouldn’t one day the healing be complete?

Wouldn’t one day all the stone be covered with the trees and grass and shrubs and flowers?

What then if the mountains and the hills, the giant stone giants, were able to stand up once again, strong and ready again to battle?

What then?

Would we discover that WE had destroyed THEM, or that THEY had saved US?

That they were our enemies or our friends?

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