Tuesday 23 March 2010

Through A Looking Glass 11

And so we come to the last of this series of Mirror posts, in which I have invited an amazing group of individuals to contribute a guest post where they mirror – whatever that means to them – something of, from or in one of my posts somewhere in this blog.

Have I saved the best to last – who can tell?

But it has an extra importance for me.

I first met Loui 19 years ago in a hospital in North West London. It wasn’t meant to be like that, the plan had been for it to happen at home but maybe that’s the thing about your children - they have their own plans.

When I asked him if he would contribute something I got the usual “yeah, I might”.

Like always I cajoled, reminded, pressed, asked again, and again, and again. .. And he did something else.

Then as we approached mid series he surprised me.

Firstly by his choice, and then by what he wrote.

19 years ago in a North West London hospital he made me cry.

This time he made me laugh.

Tears, joy – that’s what it’s all about eh?

Mirror Post/Loui

Yes ! after a complicated frustrating search for an idea , I think I have came up with one, despite the extra concentration I need to put in to the post to enter the right required language and ways of your "Blog world".

After thinking, scrolling down all your posts, with my mirror eyes turned on ready to reflect the best image, I then realized that, there was no need to look close at any particular post but the solution was to simply step back away from the screen and take one good look at the entirety of your blog, and my mirror eyes finally spotted the most obvious reflection you could spot.

This was I must say "the post" that contributed to my inspiration and helped me with my idea, after all, the rule was to choose a "post" but when it's best, why not be a bit cheeky and go for something different or off the limit ay ? You all know me, this mirror is there for more originality than expected.

Now I will not hit the punch line and reveal the reflection I have chosen YET. Because I am simply not on the famous commercial revolution of the century : face book, neither am I on the boring old fashioned : sky blog. But I am on a 55 year old's blog ! yes interesting, fascinating and different, and more ; realistic, true and sincere.

Therefore, I can't just post my answer without taking part in the blog's artistic, poetic and realistic soul. I must show interest myself, so guys you are going to have to keep reading! no pictures no videos no sounds just WORDS !! (I hope no teenagers are here in that case. If so, nothing will be read) LOL, there's just a little touch of young talk but .. back to serious business !!

Most people visiting this blog are obviously not them "face booker's" but other people like the "55 year old creator" : they have heart for a blog and passion to sacrifice towards it.

Anyways lets spit it out ! the mirror simply reflects ... nope not yet let's give it more suspense !

Back to my theory : If my impressions are correct, in that case I have attracted a lot of middle aged cyber poets, bloggers and maybe even crazy people like Mark perhaps =D And this means that, they are all, with passion following every word I type , which is great and I hope you are appreciating my ways of thinking, and do not take any age remarks personal !!

So now that everyone has my very full attention and you are dying to find out what comes next, I will then proceed :

After all, as simple as it can sound, the mirror reflects Topper's life. As simple as that!! and maybe even more of his life can be found in his blog , because it also reflects what goes on in his mind and his emotions, beliefs,ideas and dreams ..Even secrets ! even burps, farts, drinks, toilet moments, eating, living his life !!!

And if ever it was possible, that you could gather every and each bit of Love, Passion, soul, Truth, thought, emotion, time and caring he has put, and puts into his blog .... Life !! Then turn it all into a thin golden curtain it would turn out to be so long, that after walking all the way up to Pluto on words and letters, some of them stabbing your feet: sharp ones like "z" "v" "x" ... once arrived on the far far away planet you would be able to rest those hard working feet, unroll that golden curtain and slide all the way back home.

There it is the final mirror post, on the post "YES WE CAN"


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Anonymous said...

Such profound and beautiful wisdom from a blonde bombshell - I too was in that hospital 19 years ago and he done good didn't he Tops xxx so much love to you all Saffy xxx

popps said...

I remember Saff, in fact YOU met him first!

popps said...

ps you-re a blond bombshell yourself you know!

Vicki Hollett said...

I think Loui has reminded us all why we are drawn to, and find ourselves returning to, Bits 'n Bobs.