Wednesday 24 March 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall 2

Well, I guess it’s time to draw a veil over the Looking Glass Project, though very reluctantly - ‘cos I’ve had a ball!

And I hope you did too.

For the last more-or-less two weeks I posted the results from asking different people to contribute guest posts in which they mirror, reflect or examine through a personal looking glass something that I wrote or did or saw on this blog.

I5 photos of mirrors, an erratum mid-way and 11 great Mirror Posts.

If you missed any, or if you have just arrived - check them out.

Janet from Italy opened the Mirror with tales and coincidences from cyberland - here in Through the Looking Glass 1.

Then Mark in Germany contributed musings and warnings concerning children and book washing - here in Through The Looking Glass 2.

Next up was Dave from Ireland with a touch of comedy - here in Through The Looking Glass 3.

Carol in England stepped up to the glass and got pretty mysterious and all Shakespearean - here in Through The looking Glass 4.

Vicki, in America, proved to look much better in a wet suit than I did – here in Through The Looking Glass 5.

David, also from America introduced chaos improvisation AND mentioned his fiancé (congratulations) – here in Through The Looking Glass 6.

John in London and famed for his comedy, introduced some pathos to the proceedings – here in Through The looking Glass 7.

Anne in Germany donated a podcast in which she challenges the role Barbie could play in her life and uses the word ass – here in Through The Looking Glass 8.

Simon in England stared into the abyss – here in Through The Looking Glass 9.

Margo in America went sightseeing in her own backyard – here in Through The Looking Glass 10.

And finally Loui cracked the Mirror and led us on a dance – here in Through The looking Glass 11.

A real mix of reflections and observations, great writing and great people.

Thank you all. xx

The Genesis of the Mirror Posts.


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Chris

It's been a remarkable "Through the Looking Glass" project and thank you so much for organising it with such great skill. I enjoyed your selection of guest posts. It was real privilege for me to be a part of this unique series.

popps said...

Thanks janet but remember it's me that should thank, i was just the lucky host!

Anne Hodgson said...

It was a real pleasure to take part in this blog party. Lovely guests and potluck. An impromtu workshop in creative writing. Thank you :) !

DaveESLetc said...

Thanks for inviting me! I really enjoyed the chance to write for pure pleasure, and I loved reading other folks' interpretations. Take care!