Thursday 7 January 2010


How long is it before the New Year becomes simply this year?

7 days? A week?

My local village seems to reckon Saturday but in general The French, bless ‘em, allow you to say Happy New Year up to the end of January, after that they think you are mad.

They think I am mad anyways so I routinely say Happy New Year to anyone I haven’t seen for along time, just to provoke a reaction.

Even if it is July.

Here on bitsnbobs it is still the New Year as long as I am working my way through old thoughts hanging over from December and perhaps more importantly it will remain thus until someone (you know who you are!) completes the Quiz of the Year 2009.

This person (they know who they is!) specifically asked for an extension so there reply may be imminent.

Then again they may have decided to hibernate in which case if I don’t hear from her (she knows who she be!) by Sunday 10th January 2010, midnight, then I will declare the Quiz closed, collect the replies and issue the results which will lead to prize distribution.

The tension is unbearable.

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