Friday 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Who bothers to write their blog on Christmas day?

Er, me.

I've opened my presents - used one already and am wearing another - there is someone obsessed and organising in control of the kitchen so i think i'm off for a run down by the sea.

But before i go just a chance to write a few words.

Today marks the official end of a run of 24 previous posts that constitute the 2009 BitsnBobs advent Calendar.

A friend wrote mid-advent that he “didn’t get it”, which seemed a bit weird because all it was meant to be was a door/ a surprise.

Later on music became part of it too and I promised to give a full listing of tunes involved.

Here it is.

A day in the life. Beatles (Sgt Pepper)
Sing Sing. (Ultra Orange)
It never entered my mind. (Stan Getz)
Crazy Love. (Van Morrison with Bob Dylan)
A rainy night in Soho. (The Pogues)
Dialogue extract from Casablanca.
She. (Charles Aznavor)
Pink Moon. (Nick Drake)
Most of the time ( Sophie Zelmani)
Northern Sky. (Nick Drake)
Within you without you. (The Beatles, Sgt Pepper)
Into my arms. (Nick Cave)
All along the watchtower. (Jimi Hendrix)
Redemption song (Ziggy Marley with the Chieftans)
Friday I’m in love. (The Cure)
Thunder Road (Bruce Springsten)
Man in the mirror. (Michael Jackson)
Every Beat of my Heart. (Rod Stewart)
Then I kissed her. (Beach Boys)
The Shipping Forecast. (BBC)
Couldn’t Love you more. (John Martyn)

Some of the information here might be useful for the GREAT END OF THE YEAR QUIZ that is coming soon. (at the end of the year probably)

The filmed blog advent calendar was intended to be viewed as separate items but there was a vague plot running through it.

It was – man wakes up, brushes teeth, gets dressed, checks his mail, sets off, eats, gets lost in a church, finds his wife.

I think a good advent calendar contains something more than a piece of chocolate and I think this one contained, at least, …..

Oral Hygiene, The Sword in the Stone, A dog, A dance, a Journey (subtle link to the Three Wise Men), Snow and Love.

Not a bad Christmas.


Who bothers to READ my blog on Christmas day?


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi there, well, in answer to your question, people like me!!

This is the only blog I will be looking at today as I will be logging off the computer any second now, ready for homeward bound later tonight.

Your advent calendar has been very original. A great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Read on Boxing Day x Whopee a quiz coming

popps said...

Thanks Janet, have a good trip back, Drive carefully.
I think so.... the quiz will have a big prize!