Saturday 26 December 2009

Smashed Meercats

On December the 16th the car thermometer told me the temperature was minus 2, on the ground there were puddles refusing to freeze and in Copenhagen world leaders were meeting to discuss climate change.

Something weird had to be going on.

I thought water froze at zero and that if the temperature became minus then we were below zero; apparently not.

I checked the puddles, yes – water, though by the colour it could have been coffee.

The car could be wrong, I have had it a while, but if not the folk in Copenhagen have more to worry about than they think.

On December the 26th, it’s raining – here – though this morning as I ran – er plodded – along the beach the sky was clear and I could see right across the estuary to…, well, …., er, some big white things.

Copenhagen meanwhile is over, well , the conference is and I can’t work out from the headlines if something happened or not.

The guy in the pharmacy this morning told me that Christmas was over too –done and dusted were his exact words.

But judging by the photo I took above, Christmas spirit was over way before today.

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