Saturday 28 November 2009

Win some, Lose some.

So, what’s on the desktop (not the computer’s but my desk’s)?

A French English dictionary (still SO much to learn), a cat (again), an empty Heinz “Barbie” pasta-shapes-in-tomato-sauce tin (with assorted pens and pencils), live box connection, a pot of tiger balm (whose is that?), cash withdrawal receipt, photocopy card, some loose change, an empty cd case, my wallet, an empty envelope (I must put something in it),the ballet school financial report (not good), receipt for bike lights, letter from employer, last week’s timetable, an envelope with scribbled phone numbers, pen, (escaped from tin), a letter about speeding fine (Krissie not me), ANOTHER! pen, Janet’s bank details(!!!),comb, mouse (not the cat’s – computer’s), an article about phrasal verbs, cinema ticket stubs (Michael Jackson), business card for tree sculpture, flyer for all night grocery (who is awake at that time around here?), the cinema programme (Oct), a letter from insurance company (bastards), a letter from my dad (surprise), a packet of spectacle cleaning tissue, what’s on magazine from Toulouse with picture of Berlin Wall on cover (ah.. there it is, I have been searching everywhere) - (well, everywhere except on my desk’s desk top), a letter from hospital (asking me if I have cancer), 2 pizza coupons ( needed that last night), a leaflet about “birds in my garden” sent by my aunt, another cinema programme (Sep), an apparently useless piece of cardboard (make some Christmas cards?), a photocopied shopping receipt(?), and a graffiti doodle from my son (above).

Well, obviously I can’t throw any of that away just yet, I might need it later!

The desk used to belong to Peter – my father-in-law – and I would have to say it’s a pretty small desk. My desk at secondary school was probably bigger.

There are three drawers and a sort of pen and paper clip tray.

The tray might be interesting.

16 ink cartridges, assorted screws (computer?), 3 buttons, self passport photo, another button, staples (in box and out of box), three batteries, a piece of string, pen for a Swiss army knife, a drill bit, a mobile phone sim card, 9 paper clips, a piece of chalk, a bottle top, a match stick, some cents (USA), Euro coins from Germany, Greece, Portugal, and somewhere else, a business card for the organic sweet maker, and some assorted coins.

Ok, I was wrong, not so interesting.

What a lot of rubbish!

And that’s the thing I’ve learnt in the last month writing a series of posts about, inspired by, or informed by – Coincidence.

Yes, Coincidence Month is drawing to it’s close (Hooray).

And I’m afraid there is going to be no brilliant denouement, no crescendo of a finale, no wow he did it.

Just a pathetic little party; me and the cat, to say goodbye to all that.

I don’t know about you (let me know) but I have learned that we shouldn’t go looking for coincidence; we should let it come to us in a surprise.

If you look hard enough you will always find SOMETHING - except maybe on the desktop and in the paper clip tray.

Ok, I did find the article about the piece of Berlin Wall in Toulouse that was meant to be photographed for the first part of the series of posts AND there is a neat completeness about the fact that an Olive tree featured as the photo on the first of these posts and that the presence of Janet’s bank details mentioned above is all because of Olives (more later) but that big explosion of a coincidence to rip open the complacent reality we sometimes live in remains stubbornly illusive.

Oh well, win some, lose some.


Janet Bianchini said...


I'm conscientiously looking through all your blog posts in response to your End of Year quiz and I came across this post that I had somehow not read and found my name being mentioned here!! What a coincidence!

popps said...

Perfect and now i get to write the "more later' that it mentions!