Sunday 29 November 2009

Coincidence Month

Time stood still this morning.

I needed a pee and kept waking up; but every time I looked at the clock it said 6;16 – in my opinion a desperate bladder is a small price to pay for control of the time continuum.

Anyway I eventually got up and then moved to the kitchen where I discovered a spider inhabiting the head space above my favourite chair – a BIG spider. That’s too much!

Then I decided to empty the dishwasher – in one sweeping move ending BOTH the 6 day experiment to see how long it would be before one of my children did this AND the mounting dirty dish disaster area around the sink.

A deceptively small elephant shaped boiled-egg cup (nobody in this family eats boiled eggs as far as I know so how or why it was there is baffling) turns out to contain enough water in its hollow legs to irrigate the Sahara but instead leaves a monsoon trail to the cupboard and down my pyjamas.

Such was the inauspicious beginning to the day that marks the end of Coincidence Month here that started on November 3rd here on Bitsnbobs.

For the last 23 posts I have tried to use coincidence in her myriad forms to embellish my writings but now it is time to move on to pastures new. Tomorrow is the last day of November and, clearly, I will need to talk about December.

You can revisit the experiment by using the blog archive tool over there on the left and selecting November 2009.

Alternatively you can read a personal account of How The Berlin Wall Fell and what exactly the connection is between a Collection of Orange Wrappers, the Bible and Shakespeare by following these high lighted links.

Did I achieve anything? Probably not! The number of comments the blog received was 8
down on the previous month and I fear that can be no coincidence.

However there exists a very neat and symbolic symmetry between the second “real” post from the beginning – Stanley - and the second post from the end – Minnie - that is, unlike (apparently) Psalm 46, a total coincidence.

Elsewhere you can learn How To Send Spam To the Dead, read what to do if you find a Placenta in your Fridge, discover where Michael Jackson fits into the scheme of things and understand how Zero Coincidence is a Coincidence.

There’s a Competition, a Prediction! and a Very BIG Bird trying to Dance Ballet.

But you might have to watch carefully to see that.

Please leave me your thoughts.


Anne said...

November is a very busy month, so I suspect that your regular fans were working very hard off in the lands of "I don't have time for coincidences". Your placenta-in-the-fridge story was pretty unbelievable. Did you know that it's called a mother cake in German? "Mutterkuchen". Brilliant, isn't it? I prefer a cinamon apple tart, myself.

Janet Bianchini said...

I agree with Anne re the whereabouts of your regular fans.

I enjoyed reading this entertaining series of November coincidences. I wonder what's coming next???

popps said...

anne, have you tried placenta pie?
janet - tune in tomorrow!

popps said...

oh....and the placenta story is true!