Tuesday 3 November 2009

This old heart of mine

Wouldn’t it be a great coincidence if, after the day that I say I have no idea for the theme to the next month’s posts, I found one?

I spend a fair time driving around in a little Clio (no coincidence there) and I either listen to the CD player, the radio or I speak loudly to myself.

The car radio, inexplicably will pick up a British broadcast – Talk Sport – but only very, very early in the morning and after 7 in the evening…and never at all during the summer.

For a long time I believed that these were the normal hours of the programme but it seems that I am wrong and it enjoys a more or less constant air time.

I realised that it was something to do with my car and NOT the programme editors when I conducted experiments and discovered that turning the fog lights on greatly improved reception.

Yesterday as I reached the edge of the small un-forested area where I can discern the talk from the static I switched over to the French radio and stumbled immediately on a report about coffin manufacturers.

The programme featured the sounds of someone knocking on the coffin to illustrate the different tonalities available – something I had hitherto ignored as being important; I can’t imagine how I might use this feature when the time arrives to settle down..

When I got home I switched on the computer and - here is the coincidence – there was an article about “How we die” .

I thought…………that’s a coincidence, and then………..could I make every post in November be based on coincidence?

Then……..probably not.

Then……let’s try!

Anyhow it turns out that my chances of dying from illicit drug use are insignificant and so the pile of mushrooms that I gathered believing that they may be magic could be safe to consume.

On the other hand my chances of dying from heart problems are huge.

And since my dad went like that there’s a coincidence I would prefer to avoid.

I wonder though, does “heart stopping” account for a percentage of the “death from heart problems” statistics?


vicki said...

When I followed your link, I was glad to see that nobody had been bitten by a rat.

The heart is a powerful theme and I look forward to your next months postings.

Anne Hodgson said...

Ah! Vicki to the rescue! and I thought the theme was going to be death, but I vote for heart.

Janet Bianchini said...

Very interesting reading the article on statistics.

Like you, I've just written about a coincidence. Coincidence or indeed fate?

I look forward to reading your future postings on this topic.

popps said...

Hi thanks for all of you dropping by, i hope i haven't set up false expectations - i'm not using heart as the theme but coincidence - is that ok?

Janet Bianchini said...

Absolutely! Coincidence can indeed be enigmatic and fruitful.

Applications connected to the heart for a future/next challenge?

Vicki Hollett said...

Well that's a coincidence Chris, I was just wondering that.

popps said...

Vicki! Stop mucking about!:-)
Janet "applications connected to the heart " made me think of tubes!

Janet Bianchini said...

Yes, I agree. A strange mixture of words, but you know what I meant, hopefully:)