Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Teenage Kicks

It will be hard to convey my sheer amazement.

But I’ll try.

The day before yesterday, six male teenagers slouching around the house, getting in my way.

I cook them lunch – a really healthy freshly gathered mushroom omelette. What did I have to loose? If I had misidentified what I considered to be edible then I would be doing my bit for spiralling population problems. If I was right they might respect the old fart for a moment.

Then I barricaded myself into a corner and eventually went to bed.

Sure I was woken on several occasions by demands for sticky paper............tin foil..........cardboard tubes.

I don’t think they were having a Blue Peter moment!!

Somewhere in the middle of the night they had an attack of the munchies and even the cold left over spaghetti was devoured, along with several packets of cereal and ALL the chocolate biscuits.

If there was a glass that existed in the house that had not been used it is only because they broke it.

I went to work leaving a snoring comatose heap and I just wish I had taken a photo because…..

………I returned in the evening to a SPOTLESS house. Not a dirty congealed plate anywhere! Surfaces cleared, cleaned and everything either put away or purring contentedly in a warm dishwasher.

Not a teenager in sight.

There is hope for our species after all.


Vicki said...

Something that used to puzzle me when my kids were teenagers was there would either be none in the house, or a whole pile of them so you'd be picking your way over the floor through sleeping bodies.
It was a kind of zero:one state, with nothing in beween.

popps said...

No-one told me it would be like that.
Alone again, france.