Monday 21 September 2009

Improv Challenge Day Two

I am thinking, as I write, about the Omelette Theatre Group who inspired this series of challenges.

With a theatre full of suggestions they were able to be selective and even to discard or ignore suggestions that they chose not to pursue.

I don’t have that luxury, faced as I am with two only.

And I left this one, Janet's, to second, as it seems more difficult.

“ How about doing a post on any topic of your chice with the title "A Brave New World"?.”

Easy – I can write anything, which is what I usually do on this blog anyway, it just needs a link to something brave, or world. I could probably even get away with new.

But where is the professional integrity in that eh?

I could go down yesterday’s road.

A brave new world.
Book title I think.
Can I remember the writer’s name?
Duncan, Bob, Alice – hang on; I’m sure I know.
Even though I’ve never read it.
Fred? Felicity? For goodness sake!
Huxley!!!! Got it! But -Aldus, Aldlous, Alderlous, hmm… his first name is more difficult.
I can’t remember can I?
Just when I thought I knew it, it slips off the tongue.

Etc etc etc.

But you would all accuse me of repetition.

So what!?

Well I guess A real Brave New World would have been doing this suggestion first, going out on a limb and writing about…. Population Growth. Maybe..

It’s a taboo subject but lies behind all our problems. Too many people, too little to share.

Hang on, isn’t it the name of a band too? It should be.

Or is that Brave New Order?

Am I allowed to use Wikipedia in an improvised blog post?

If I were I would find out that the title comes from a line in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Cool – I can cut and paste from an earlier post.

Ah, and then I have it. I write about a personal brave new world moment, I combine it with Vicki’s alphabet suggestion and bob’s your uncle.

Well, maybe not bob, but you follow, don’t you?

Here goes……………..

Time passed…………….

And then I met Krissie.

Before I had known her as an acquaintance to smile at and say hello, but that was a long time before.

Camden Lock, busking with her colleague Patti? Yes.

Dave, my partner spoke to her more than me. I was shy I guess. Dumped too many times.

Even cynical and afraid.

From this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish?


I do!

Jamaica? No, she came on her own accord - she fell asleep on my shoulder during the flight to New York, held my hand across Washington Square Park and I invited her to Brazil.

Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, Krissie, twenty four years ago this month.

Lobsters – do you remember them? We set them free in someone’s pool, they (the people) were mad at us though they intended to boil them (the lobsters) alive.

Many memories mingling madly.

New York, falling in love in Bill Mack’s apartment.

Not going to Brazil but returning home.

Not caring.

Only one day sleeping at my place, before moving to yours – do you recall?

Peter, your dad met me, seemed to approve, I hope. Your mum, your brother, the other one and the other, other one and your dog.

Quite surprising that we live with cats (so many) now.

Reaching out to you all that time ago, are you still glad?

San Francisco. “If there was one place, forward backward or where I am”. Only you know what that means.

Topper, thank you. When people use it, it’s because of you. Thank you.

Until death us do part?

Very likely! But it's no longer so scary.

Wait! I’m not ready, it seems like yesterday!

Xanadu, it’s a poem by Coleridge isn’t it? For he (I) on honey-dew hath fed, and drunk the milk of paradise (U).

Yes, a brave new world. I’m glad you said yes.

Zeal (look it up), and sealed with a loving kiss.



Janet Bianchini said...

This is fabulous, creative writing and I love your style - utterly unique. You have pulled this challenge off admirably!

A romantic love story interwoven with philosophical comments on the passing of time. Congratulations on your 24 years anniversary of meeting Krissie.

Vicki said...

Bravo again! Another great one Chris.

OK, we'd better get thinking about your challenge for day three...

Could you do something where the first sentences has ten words, the second has nine, the third has eight... and then when you get down to one, work your way back up to ten again?

Or is there a way we could contribute as you go along, Chris? So for example, we give you a situation like a boy and girl on a first date. At various points you hesitate in your story and we supply the the next line which you have to integrate and justify?

Or maybe it's a scenario where the mayor of your town is holding a press conference to describe different items they are putting into a time capsule for posterity. As you progress we will send you urls of pictures on the web of the items that they are putting in?

Janet Bianchini said...

I like Vicki's idea of us contributing lines in your you go along.

Another improv challenge could be you write about a specific time in the past from the perspective of a famous historical character?

popps said...

Thanks to both of you for the encouragement - without you this probably wouldn't be happening.
Janet i've read what tumbled out of me again and i don't see the philisophical bit, but i will believe you that it is there as it makes me sound better.
Contributing looks good, how do we do it - in one day?
(Friday is clear for me)
time lag would mean that vicki kicks it off, Janet moves in and vicki finishes
or we choose an hour and stay live?
Or we spread it into bits?

Janet Bianchini said...

Friday would be good or you choose an hour to stay live (that would be quite challenging!)

Vicki Hollett said...

Might this be helpful?
It would seem to allow us to send emails at specific times on Friday, for example.
Or there is also this one that can deliver via an RSS feed - not too sure how it works though...

popps said...

I'll let you guys sort the tech side out, i thought we could just use the blog or the comments box or our emails , but if the thing you suggest shortcuts it great.
Friday looks clear for all, Vicki how many hours earlier are you?

Anne Hodgson said...

Very romantic :) It's funny how your improvising shows us how we bloggers tend to reuse things that we have written, or use ye olde Google to patch any senior moments up. Take away Google, and I've lost half my education (which was good, mind you). But who cares: When all is forgotten, empty and void, you'll still have Krissie :)

This emailing stuff sounds rather Twitteresque

vicki said...

Rolling up my sleeves for the kick off on Friday.... (Well, Thursday night for me)

vicki said...

Rolling up my sleeves for the kick off on Friday.... (Well, Thursday night for me)

Janet Bianchini said...

Roll on Friday!

popps said...

thanks Anne for visiting.
I'm not sure i understood your comment about reusing things - how did i show that?
Recycling ideas is probably all we have in all walks of life, with the odd new idea now and again.
I rember a discussion about the old saying that there are only 7 stories in fiction.
In a reply someone said - no there is only - Cassablanca- and then explained all seven types from the one.
You are right about Twitter, that would be a real improv for me having never used it but with an account.
Don't tell the others.

popps said...

Vicki what time do you go to bed Thursday night?
It may be better to wait till you wake uo on Friday or our you nocturnal?