Tuesday 22 September 2009

Improv Challenge Day Three

Today's post is part three of a potentially seven day improvised blog challenge-idea-thing explained in full here.

Although the number of people taking part remains somewhat less than the anticipated millions, both of them are making up for it with an enthusiasm which, if we could channel it into something else.......well it could probably change the world!

Today is inspired by Vicki who suggested: "Could you do something where the first sentences has ten words, the second has nine, the third has eight... and then when you get down to one, work your way back up to ten again?"

Here goes.

Day three.
It’s Vicki’s idea.
The idea is simple.
This line has five words.
The next line must have six.
By ten I might say something interesting.
Oh no - I’ve messed up -I started backwards!
The beginning is meant to be with ten words.
And this one should only have one word all alone!
Which would be very sad, so I’ll carry on.
No one should be all on her lonesome.
Evidently, everyone needs someone to lean on.
And do you know what mate?
If you really want to.
And you fancy it.
Then don’t hesitate.
Just lean.

Now of course, an extra challenge would be to have to do this in French!

I don't usually do French on this blog, My subconscious activity, dreaming (day and night) and any thinking is exclusively in English.

So this morning, in honour of the challenge i tried it out on paper.

But i'm running it through the spell check first, i'm really not sure about that future conditional.

I wonder if that ever changes? (subconscious activity , not the future conditional problem).

Tout seul.
Trouve une amie.
Elle est super sympa.
Une Ange sur (la) terre.
Mais pourquoi elle ne vole pas ?
Parce que ses pieds sont trop lourds ?
Ou plutôt, à cause de ses chaussures neufs !
C’est toujours difficile le rapport entre Ange et chaussure.
Est-ce qu’il faut interdire les Anges sur la voie publique ?
J’espère que tout le monde dirait avec moi – NON !
Le monde deviendra moche sans les voix d’Anges.
Sans eux, le soleil se levera jamais.
Les fleurs décideront de rien faire.
Et moi, je m’en irai.
Loin de cette tristesse.
Car, en effet.
Sans toi.

Ok, there's a grammatical "ne" missing but people often leave it out in speech.


Last night an old friend, John, rang, out of the blue.
And told me the mother of his children had died.
So Anne-Marie..
This one's for you.


Dave said...

So mon ami, as my french is so good I thought I would check yours with M. Google as I had nothing better to do:

All alone.
Find a friend.
She is super nice.
An angel on (the) earth.
But why it does not fly?
Because his feet are too heavy?
Or rather, because of his new shoe!
It's always difficult relationship between Angel and shoemakers.
Is it necessary to prohibit the angels on the highway?
I hope that everybody would say to me - NOT!
The world becomes ugly without the voices of angels.
Without them, the sun will never wash.
The flowers will decide to do anything.
And I'll go.
Far from the sadness.
For, indeed.
Without you.

There seems to be a theme here? loneliness? not so hard to spot then.

Really like the down the rabbit hole post. It was really like that. i felt i was back there. I gave it to Anne to read. she didn't understand it. But then. She wasn't there. But she did laugh a couple of times.

Good score I think.

Funny enough, she (Anne) suggested, probably on the same day, that you wrote that post, that we should do a stage show and MAKE SOME FECKING MONEY.

The only proviso is that i have to send some home every so often. We can go on tour as long as we like.

What do you think?


popps said...

Ah - spelling mistake in the original there, sorry about that.
Not washing but getting up - the sun.
I've duly corrected the post.
It sounds to me like Anne is trying to get rid of you, and i'm very worried she only laughed twice.
there were definitely three jokes in there.
Which ones did she laugh at?
Now, lights go up, two eskimos waddle onto the stage....

popps said...

Oops, sorry there were further errors - shoemakers.
i've made the changes.
Now, dave, unless you are prepared to post your emailed challenge into the appropriate comments box, within the rules that i'm making up as i go along, it will be disqualified from consideration.

Janet Bianchini said...

est vraiment
super cool que
tu as fait ce
challenge tant bien et je
te souhaite un tres bon quatrieme!

Well done! Challenge 3 duly executed and I liked the soulful French version very much. Roll on number 4! Please do forgive my French. Haven't spoken it in years!

popps said...

Hi Janet, don'te you think French just lends itself perfevtlt to that, and don't the French collectively do soulful so well?

Dave said...


SO! my brilliant challenge is being ignored then? Scared or something? I know it's not impro exactly.... Ok, I will find the place to past it and paste it.

Dave said...


OK. I'll do the show with the two Eskimos scene. Just not a whole show in snow shoes and parkas.

At this rate it may well need a wheel-chair and a Zimmer frame.