Wednesday 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

And so this is Christmas, and what have we done, another year over, a new one just begun (almost)…………

well, I’ve lost my favourite pillow, left it in a hotel in Paris and I’ve finished this BLOG ADVENT CALENDAR which I have tried to fill with things interesting, surprising, door related and Christmassy.

You should be able to find, among other surprises: a lot of doors, a journey with the call of a seagull, time travel (and a sweet shop from my childhood), somewhere bigger inside than outside, something forgotten, something cold, laughs, Jesus, almost perfection, a promise, the moon, something strange, a classic film, friendship, the unexpected, the illogical, a puzzle, some moments of discovery and solidarity, inspiration, an invitation, memories, a joke, and St Marc’s Square in Venice. 23.

……and Happy Christmas from me and mine.


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