Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Who's there?


It's wierd, i think, that i have no strong memories of what the doors in my life looked like; the house where i grew up,the house where i grew up a bit more, best friend's, worst enemy's, the witch who lived down the street, first girlfriend's house, student digs, first grown up home, (second, third, fourth), holiday home, workplace - i must have waited outside some of them for a long time (except the Witch - speed was essential) and i think i should be able to recall them.

Even this picture doesn't help though i know it's the back door at Willersley Avenue. I rember the wall more, you can just see it in the photo. It was pebbledash and i spent a fair amount of time picking bits off.

I don't remember why i was so upset either - and for that i'm happy.

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