Sunday, 3 July 2011

Thought of the Day 26

photo by minnie

What’s going on?

What do you mean?

I mean - what’s going on? Are you deaf?

What do you WANT to be going on?

What do I want to be going on?


I don’t mind, I just want to know WHAT"S going on.

You want something to be going on, but you’re not prepared to be responsible for something actually going on, Is that it?

It’s a bit early for this.

What would be a good time?

Well – could we let the kettle boil at least?

We could.


But then we would want to sit outside and drink tea, maybe eat that slice of melon too – this is probably the best moment.

I might go back to bed – my brain hurts.

You started it.


Did too! You said – what’s going on?

Well – what happened to Self-Portrait month?

It monthed out.

You mean it’s over?

Yes, it was a special just for June.

Special? Was it?

Well, it was……

Lost for words?


Did it talk about knees?

It didn’t.

It was a bit incomplete then.

I suppose it was.

Did any one else mention this?


The knee absence?

Not as such.

Not as such?

Ok, no. There was no one up in arms about kness.

That’s a shame.


Because Minnie took this picture yesterday and it would have been perfect.

Are you saying we (k)needed it?

Well, we were a bit (k)ne(e)gligent!



Anonymous said...

good photo, Minnie!

popps said...

don't you mean good legs chris?

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