Saturday, 2 July 2011


On the tenth of January, this year, I committed to print a resolution made ON and enacted FROM the first day.

You can check if I tell the truth – here.

I’m going to post THIS post at 12 am, as that seems to be exactly halfway – yep today marks the mid point of 2011.

And I thought it might be good to update on progress.

After 182 and one half days of putting my trailing leg first in all “into” operations – trousers, boxers, pyjamas, and swimming shorts – I can assuredly say two things.

1. My left hip, which dickey as it were, was the reason for the switch – no longer hurts.
2. My right hip is now a mess.

I guess you can’t win.

There is, in fact I realise this as I write, a third thing.

3. I can no longer remember which is the experimenting leg and which is/was the experienced.

Duality has been achieved – both pins feel unequal to the task and so I have decided to stop getting dressed.

It’s summer - so what the hell!

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