Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Self Portrait 1

Blimey – suddenly it’s June, the sun is almost at it’s zenith, or if that’s the wrong word then it’s almost setting directly over the v of the local valley, which means mid-summer and time to sleep outside.

And I’m not ready for – as promised – the June theme month – self-portrait month.

Me, me, me, me.

A while ago I visited the Picasso Museum in Antibes and ended upper (possibly) over-identifying with one of the paintings. It may have been called Old Man in a Hat. Or it may have been called Self Portrait, or in fact may have been called May for all I know.

Either, any and which way, it inspired me to do a blog self portrait, a sort of profile-expanded.

Me un-plugged.

The dirty low down

Off we go!


Mary said...

[Some mediocre poetry to kick off BnB's special themed month. Mx]

June -- to be all about 'ME' you say.
ME ME and more ME ... Everyday.
Photos and posts without delay.
Challenge for you, fun for us -- Yeah!

Will you strive to be revealing
with some instances of deceiving?
In between your arriving and leaving,
Unheard stories we'll be receiving.

On June 30, it will end.
Good luck with it my friend.
Never doubt that you CAN do it.
Time's come to juggle that wit!


popps said...

There's no way i can follow that!

Mary said...

You're not following... you're leading.


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