Saturday 24 December 2022

Happy Christmas Readers. Both of you .

I have just connected, or not, to my e-mail account; apparently I had forgotten my password.


I clicked on the ‘I’ve forgotten my password again, I’m an idiot’ clickton ( a button you can click).

They said I had to receive a phone call with a code to prove I was me.

Fair enough, I guess.

So I clicked on a new clickton (see above).

And they phoned and a robot got ready to repeat a number.

As I was getting ready to listen, there was music playing around where I was sitting, someone asked me where the mint tea was.

I was in a café.

My café I guess, that’s why they were asking me where the mint tea was (is).

The answer was, and is, complicated and involved using at least two different languages, so I decided it was easier to get up from my computer and show them.

That’s when the robot started talking to me.

I tried to retain the numbers as I searched for the packet of mint tea, but there were many many numbers and many many different packets of tea hiding the mint.

I rushed back to the computer and luckily the robot offered to start again.

I put the number in the place-thing where I was meant to put it and clicked on the validate clickton.

I was invited to create a new password.

I did.

It wasn’t ‘strong enough’.

I tried again.

Better….. but not better enough apparently.

So I came up with something that NO ONE will ever find and NO ONE, especially me, ever remember.

The password fascists rejected it because it was ‘too similar to the previous’ one. 

I sighed.

So I settled on ‘gofuckyourselves’ …. And they accepted it.

And my e-mail opened.


Sort of…

Because now I couldn’t remember why I was opening my e-mail; certainly not to read.

I guess I wanted to send Happy Christmas Greetings.

But to who?


Mary said...

Well done Chris!

It is certainly an 'G-F-Y' type of Xmas this year. Though I must confess that I just can't get over the sheer WONDER of it all. And by WONDER I refer to the miracle of being alive, or more to the point, being aware of being alive. How can we smile with things in such an upside down state? I don't know. All I know is that we have to. And today, on this 2022 Xmas day, YOU made me smile.

Thank you!

Today, please try to eat too much, drink too much, laugh too much, dance too much, and embrace the magic and the madness.

One thing is for certain ... 2023 will surprise us in ways we can't imagine.

Best wishes from a frozen little corner of the world where a once-in-a-lifetime blizzard of 2022 has toppled trees and power lines, closed roads, airports and train stations, and cancelled family Xmas get-togethers.

Still I am warm and safe and snuggled up with a good book and filled with gratitude.

Happy Happy to you and your loved ones.


popps said...

To YOU!! That was who(m)!!
I bet the snow is pretty, enjoy the snugness.
I had a 15 degree c day.

Mary said...

Well now you're just showing off! I'll have you know that it hit a high of 15 degrees Fahrenheit today and will go to minus 15 tonight.

And YOU was ME? That's 'whom'? Well, I'd say that's very nice. Save me a hot cup of tea at the cafe -- any kind will do, though I do like jasmine.