Friday 30 December 2022

A Bottle, a Shop, and a Dancer.

Now THIS wine, is VERY dry.

It’s also INCREDIABLY striong.

See how I spelt that !!

Now, the woman in the shop – let’s call her Patricia – she said it was dry.

But she didn’t say it was strong.

I’ve had two, or maybe three small-ish glasses and I’m tingling!

My legs – wobbling AND tingling, my head …. Wow!

Patricia – not her real name- then again maybe it is, who knows? – runs the shop down-in-the-village-that (shop)-i-never-go-to-because-it’s-too-expensive.

Except at Christmas.

When, what I think of Christmas Day is notwhat the locals think is Christmas Day, so there isa market, except that as it’s what the locals think as the day AFTER Christmas day, not many of them (the stallholders) are there.

But Patricia’s shop was open.

So I bought some butter, some compressed lentil puree and some of this wine.

“Ah, dry “, said Patricia – except she’s French so she said it in French.

“Ah, yes” I replied, I also said it in French.

“Do you want to say anything about how strong it is?” I added, still in French.

But she had gone back to arranging the carrots into geometric lines and muttering to herself (in french) and chose to ignore me; I clearly had done my bit.

Fulfilled my commercial purpose.


She should see me now!!

I certainly can’t walk.

But I’m going to dance.

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