Saturday, 12 November 2022

A Business Adventure (for the young)

I’m starting a new business. I’m starting it here, and I’m starting it now.

Of course this means that no-one will know that I’ve started a new business so I won’t have any clients, income or, fortunately, tax to pay on income.

Because I hate paying tax.

I like supporting public service and am happy to pay tax for that, but apparently that’s not in fashion at the moment.

And I like that it’s fair, something shared by everyone.

With those that can, helping those that can’t.

Call me old fashioned.

Call my new business adventure old fashioned too if you like, but I think there’s a demand.

I certainly had a demand for it when I was in my twenties, and my new business adventure is aimed at the twenty-year old.

Please note that I am avoiding ‘venture’ and using ‘adventure’ – this is part of the new business’s philosophy.

If in doubt, follow adventure.

Anyway… what exactly is this new business adventure venture?

I’m glad I asked.

Basically it’s this… if you have need some advice, the sort of stuff your dad would give but you can’t ask your dad because he’s your dad, but you’ve got stuff which is bothering you and you wish someone down the other end of life’s experience could give you a pointer….

That’s it.

Use the comments.




Félicia M. said...

Hello Pops, I like your new business. How are you?

popps said...

Hey !!

Thanks for popping by (to pop's place)... i'm well, possibly going mad but...

How are you?