Saturday 22 October 2022

An Oyster in a World

Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same….. (to the tune of yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same).

Well............I’m not sure about that.

What I AM sure about is this.

There are two people sitting at different tables, on the same terrace inside the market.

One has a plate of freshly opened oysters and a glass of white wine; he is slurping.

The other has a mushroom pie and a cup of coffee; he is chewing.

Chewing, slurping .. all the same, or entirely different, but they are both waiting for someone.

At the Oyster table the someone has just arrived ,a coffee in hand and they are invited to share the oysters.

They decline.

At the Mushroom table the someone is far away for the instant, the waiting must wait a few more weeks.

They will be offered the world.



They say the world is your oyster.

It could also be your mushroom pie.


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