Thursday 22 September 2022

Unless Otherwise Stated.

The hairs on my left leg, down by the ankle, have turned white.

Only on the left leg.

The right leg, ankle area equally hairy, remain(s) a sort of brown.

I’m aging on the left side, from the bottom right.

I wonder if it is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain because I think I read that the left hemisphere looks after the right side of everything.

This may not be true of course, and neither may it be so that the ankle hairs on my left leg are turning white; you only have my word for it.

Which is, in fact, all that is here in this blog.

Unless otherwise stated.

Unless Otherwise Stated, is the name of a band in which I play the cornelian-muse, a fiendishly difficult instrument to play.

And if you believe that (what?) you will believe anything.

As it seems many people do.

Talking of the cornelian-muse, there were a couple playing double base and harp on a corner in the market today (yesterday).

A couple of people, not a couple of cornelian–muses.

Which would be a crowd.

The music they were playing was not a traditional, classical piece that you might associate with a harp/double base combo.

It was closer to a jazzy-hip-hop bounce.

I found my left foot tapping along.

Could it explain the whitening?

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