Thursday 14 July 2022

Far off from Far

There is a green hill far away….

Well, far away is relative isn’t it? If you are already far away then this green field will be pretty close, then again if you are far away from far away the green field will be even further. But, it is green, thought the summer heat is drying some of the corners to dust.

Without a city wall…….

Yep, no wall. In the forest there is the remains of a boundary wall but you can’t see it from the green field and the deer don’t even recognise the fallen stones as a barrier.

Where our dear Lord was crucified…

No Lord, no crucifix. Just a caravan under a pine tree and a young-man inside with covid.

Who died to save us all…….

He’s not going to die, he’s young , fit and happy to have a few days off work. His girlfriend is in the caravan with him, she has tested positive too. A friend sent a text – ‘congratulations’ – it was  a silly joke based on the idea that ‘positive’ is usually a good sign.

We cannot know, we cannot tell…

Well in this case , perhaps we can. They say they are isolating. Isolating in a green field far away, which is only as far as the eye can see. If you are in the same field.

What pain he had to bear……

They are not in pain, but they are sleepy. The air is hot, movement is difficult. Elsewhere people are playing tennis. Here someone is being tattooed on the massage table, a new cat is sleeping under the gaze of the old cats and the village is getting ready for the festival.

We believe it was for us….

The festival is open to everyone, it has been advertised as far away as the nearest town but the music will carry across the green hill to the folk that are isolating. Maybe they will shrug off their illness and step down to the village for a dance?

He hung and suffered there…

Unlikely; they will hang out in the green field.

Far, far away .

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