Friday 24 June 2022

The Fourth or Fifth Coming.

It’s that time of the year.

Farmers dressed for hot dusty work in the fields, cutting hay in the fields.

Less-dressed youth hitch hiking on the byways.

The locals saying – ‘Simon’s coming’

Simon coming is as providential as the Lord’s, but that would be his 

second whereas Simon is on his…

Hang on…


…. At least fourth!

I’ll ask him when he appears.

And appear he will!


Like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat.

Have to be a big hat though!

With each coming he is taller, more substantial, more. Simon.

I first met him a s an eleven-year-old sitting at the back of the class on the first day at secondary school.

He understood very little of what was going on, he was impatient to get on his skateboard.

I understood very little of what was going on, I was impatient to get home.

One time he came we spoke about pizza.

He read me a poem he had written about me and pizza.

An unlikely combination.

It had something to do with Italy.

Another time we played cards, next to the guy who sells coffee in the market.

It’s a long story.

That involves magic.

Capital M.

More recently we both said how important each of his comings are.

The world turns on i’s axes, the seasons come and fade, Simon comes.

Rumour has it he is in Greece.

Or is it Spain?

It will probably be tomorrow.

Or tonight!


And there he is.

Then – kapoof!

He’ll be gone.

Maybe to Greece.

Perhaps to Spain.

Eventually to from whence he came.


I Can’t wait!

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