Saturday 14 May 2022

Four Things Including Chuck.

There are four things on this table.

A jug, a screwdriver, a book and an Orange.

In the jug, there is morning first thing fresh water. Later my face will be in this water, later; at the moment my face is still in this pillow.

In the screwdriver is my dad, it was his. It's old school, brass and wood with a simple click mechanism to reverse rotation.

We all need to do this from time to time.

In the book is Chuck, though not as we know him.

The Orange?

Soon to be in me.


Peter said...

Oooh Mr Chris! Hello! What will you do with the orange? I can juggle one but I expect you can do more. I have two apples. That would make 3 things. I also have 3 chain-saws. Xx

popps said...

hello mr peter - welcome to the land of bcitsnbobs comments - thank you for making the effort - the editors here at BnB - me - are delighted to see you.
We (they) - me recommend leaving the Chainsaws - it's been done - two apples and an orange offer more possibilities for creative art - especially a fruit salad.