Monday 30 May 2022

A Stumble one Night

Mustn’t drink the whole bottle this time, mustn’t drink the whole bottle this time, mustn’t drink….

Sorry, talking to myself.


Though I imagine that you are there, across the table from me.

You are holding an empty glass in your hand, the glass with the dragonflies engraved on the side.

I tip the bottle and fill your glass.

I fill mine.

We raise our glasses, lock eyes and chink.

And drink.

But, i mustn’t drink the whole bottle this time.

Ok. So far.

I’ve had three glasses; I think that’s about half; if you were here then the bottle would already be empty and there would be no struggle.

Not over the bottle anyway.

So I tell you what I’ll do, I’ll take off my glasses (eyes) and stop writing and drinking and wander around the garden looking at the lights.

Sun powered lights.

The ones here over my head have self-illuminated, and I see a distant glow in the oak tree. I need also to check out the recently (today) installed shiny birds.

Back in a bit…..

Ok, the shiny birds – solar powered bird shaped lights – are glowing strongly, the light in the oak tree softer – so I moved it near the birds.

I scared the cat and almost fell over, and yes, it’s half the bottle… so if senses prevails I should stop there.

The night is soft and still and really it’s time for bed.

previously published in the archives, or so it seems - the  editor

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