Sunday 1 May 2022

A Bunch of Ben (two)

Ben tried to sell me his car today.

Which isn’t really a car.

More of a mini-bus.

It was an interesting exchange.

I asked him how much he wanted and what was the kilometre count.

He laughed, made a comment about how the first question was price, then he told me that the kilometre gauge was jammed so it was unclear  

and that he had got it for free and only wanted to cover his costs.

So free then?

Not exactly as it needs a new clutch and maybe brakes and perhaps a distribution coli?

I have no idea what that is, but I have heard of the clutch and the brakes and personally find them both useful.

I like the colour but it has too many windows and seats, but I guess I could solve that.

I think at some point I said it probably wasn’t want I needed but he explained that he would like me to have it because in that way he would still get to see it and he quite likes it.

It was the strangest sales negotiation I’ve been in.

We agreed, or he did, that he would do the repairs and then talk to me again and wouldn’t charge me more than the cost of the repairs.

At the same time, he put his (new) caravan back in place for this summer.

I guess his new relationship (girlfriend) is working out.

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