Tuesday 18 January 2022

The Park, Danny and a Hedgehog.

It’s only thirty minutes before the park closes, the sun is beginning to settle behind the trees beyond the bandstand and soon it will be dark and the gate will be locked.


A small hedgehog is waiting at the side of the path, still hoping someone will come and drop some food, but most people are moving towards the exits.


Only those on the football pitch seem to think that time is going to go on forever.


Danny is sitting on the bench back of the crazy golf and he has a decision to make, hide now in the bush and spend the night here or walk down to the river where the others sleep.


Last time he hid in the bush they found him and fined him, the last time he slept by the river he was mugged.


Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.


How had it got to this? 


Was it his fault?


He looks across at those kicking the ball and wishes that he was part of it. 


He looks at the hedgehog.


And then he looks at the setting sun.


And he notices that everyone playing football stops and looks at it too.


And the hedgehog glows in the falling light.




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