Friday 14 January 2022

Memories of things Slipping.


As principal scribe here at Bitsnbobs – the blog with scribes – it is incumbent upon me to remember things.


Remember things that have been scribed.


It seems that I don’t, and all I can do is apologise and try to set thing straight.


The other day I scribed that Bob could send the cat to take a message to Ms Penny, I’m sure you all remember this, and I posted a picture of a cat.


It turns out that Bob already has a cat for such purpose and that his cat’s name is Tricks, whereas I posted a picture of Pablo, who is my cat, and unlikely to do anything other than eat any messages that you give him.


Furthermore, Pablo has never met Ms Penny whereas Tricks probably has, if only I could remember.


Of course I don’t have a photo of Tricks, but I will ask Bob to send one the next time we speak, if I remember to.


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