Sunday, 2 January 2022

Beyond Time.

I haven’t done – What’s on this Desk– for a long time.


And I probably didn’t call it that, then.


So it’s beyond time.


1     A bottle of wine – half empty. Does it go without saying? Chateau Les Vignals, you can look it up. It came from the local shop earlier this evening. The local shop, it should be mentioned, has been transformed. A joy to visit. It wasn’t always.

2     A torch – could be useful when it’s time to go to bed, or time to wake in the middle of the night. Like the shop, it wasn’t always so.

3     My camera – I’m using it.

4     Some loose change. Funny expression that isn’t it – loose change.

5     A duster – I must.

6     My eye drops – I’m working on them (and with them).

7     An aeroplane. It’s a model, vintage 50’s, the propeller is broken and it’s there for repair. It has been there for a while.

8     A glass – see 1. A favourite glass, I hide it from the flat-mates that I share this place with. Especially the squeaky one.

9     A flea comb. The cat will often sit on my lap while I write.

10  A quotation – ‘You just have to accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue’.  It’s attributed to David Brent in The Office, I cut it from a magazine Richard gave me. Richard, who you don’t know but would like, often gives me his old magazines.

11  My glasses case – two. Where are my glasses? In their proper place

12  A pile – 22 – of original ladybird Books – part of a project. Each one has a white slip of paper protruding, marking a page. Must get round to this. After the dusting (see 5).

13  A stamp.

14  A tin of pens, pencils and backscratcher and feathers. Always here. Essential.

15  This lap top.

16  My hands. Getting older every day – my son reminded me tonight that this year they will be….well, … younger than my sister’s.


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