Monday, 10 January 2022

A Bunch of Folk in a Tray.

Linda is speaking; ‘Money, that’s the biggest problem’, she is speaking about living together as a couple. 


The others, especially Gary, agree.


Dave is thinking; no, it’s being together, and he tries to express it in words. The others look at him as if he is crazy, as well as younger than them. 


Especially Gary.


Dave admires Gary, he sees him as being apart, and in his way of thinking, apart is a quality, one that makes being together difficult. 


Gary is apart, the others sit at desks, he sits at a drawing board; he doesn’t use a chair, he uses a stool. He has no in-tray on his desk, he has no desk and so he has no out tray either. 


EVERYONE has trays, even Dave.


Cindy is the one who puts things in the trays, she is younger than all of them, maybe even Dave. 


But he would like to be with her.


But he is being with someone else at the moment.


And that is difficult, more difficult than money.


More difficult than anything it seems.


There will be a moment, later, in the museum where he will have to decide, Cindy will hold his eyes and challenge him.


He will fail that challenge.


He is learning something but he is not sure what.


The lesson will be repeated elsewhere and elsewhen, each time he will fail.




editors note - formerly published in the archives.

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