Monday 8 November 2021

The Pink Cat Swing Festival (and a seagull in Dieppe)

The Pink Cat Swing Festival opens tonight at the East River House, out back on Wellington drive, tickets are still available.

Miss Lilla Lase, usherette, will be there and right now is ironing her powder blue uniform – the one with the black stripe down the leg, She is going to look hot.

Wee Willie Rex the house bassist is sick and the management have asked the agency to send a replacement. The agency has phoned Allie McLoud and left two messages on her answer machine, they are not worried. She’s never let them down.

All this, and more, just arrives like this in the dead of the night/morning and spills out and lands with a resounding splat on the wooden floor where the writer sleeps.

It wakes him so he stumbles into the dawn and sets in down in black and white.

And purple.

The dawn is purple, snow is falling on the mountains, cold wet rain down here in the city.

The first truck rumbles past.

A neighbour opens a window and smokes.


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