Tuesday 13 July 2021

A Long Way to '58

Mike didn’t make it to the cinema on Saturday night; Angelika did, Evelynne too with her daughter – grown up now and living most of the time in Bordeaux – but Mike’s girlfriend Lydia was also absent.


It was intended as such; they were looking forward both to setting up their deckchairs underneath the Plain Tree that shades the terrace and eating the strawberry basil ice cream that had been prepared especially for the evening.


Or perhaps the honey ginger; there are always two choices.


Mike was faced with a bigger choice.


His mother is in South Africa and is suffering from Alzheimer’s; a live-in nurse is looking after her but she ran away convinced that the nurse was trying to kill her.


Mike got a phone call in the middle of the morning and although the cinema didn’t start projection until sunset, he was no longer in the mood for ice cream or a 1958 screening of Mon Oncle.


South Africa is a long way away, the travel protocols are confusing and difficult and although he is covid-vaccinated is is unsure that either he can arrive, or return.


1958 is a long way away too.


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