Thursday 8 April 2021

Columbus discovers Raspberries.

Many years before becoming the manager of the alternative cinema on the hill, Adrian was leading a student revolt on a raspberry picking farm in Scotland.


That was so long ago from now that not even he could be certain clear as to the reason for their strike. It might have been for more pay, or less picking, possibly even for more raspberries – they were allowed to eat some as they picked.


In the cinema on the hill, even though it was alternative, it was rare to see any raspberries there. What it lacked in fruit it made up in information- for every film Adrian would cover the inside walls with photocopied reviews or articles about the cinematic glory that he was showing.


Adrian wasn’t his real name. It might have been Nick, he looked much like a Nick might ; tall, suave and handsome.


It’s funny to write that as the one true Nick that I know is none of these, rotund would be a word more likely to slip from my thoughts.


I haven’t seen Nick (who probably isn’t) since I was in my twenties, I haven’t seen Nick (who is) for about a year, so he may no longer qualify as rotund; everyone these days is trying to loose weight, fasting or becoming vegan, which might just be the same thing.


Nick, previously known as Adrian, was sacked by the farmer who didn’t appreciate the attempts to unionise the raspberry harvest but he probably wasn’t sacked by the cinema on the hill- he was the manager after all.


But the cinema is closed today and even if it were open I would be surprised if he was still there; he looked like someone who had plans.


I suspect his real name reflected this.


Columbus perhaps?



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