Thursday, 25 February 2021

20 million and six.

I was feeling a bit old today, partly because my son recently celebrated his being 30 and partly because I had to get up in the middle of the night and pee.


And then I couldn’t get back to sleep and started wondering what else I could do at 3 am.

So I read the paper.

And learnt about the twenty million old year tree.

Then I didn’t feel so ancient.

And I felt a little hopeful – if they have only just discovered the tree maybe i too am waiting to be discovered.

Not just a has been.

Or a was been.

But in fact an about to be been.

And talking of beans, I planted some garlic back at the turn of the year and the deer have started coming into the garden to eat the tops.

They have already eaten all my Brussel sprouts, and the part of the celeriac that was above the ground along with the cabbage next to them.

The locals say I should shoot the deer and eat them.

Instead I stuck some sticks around the plants at crazy angles which I think might make it difficult for a deer to get its nose, and hence mouth, near.

I also peed around the vegetable patch.

At 3am.

Then went inside to read the paper.



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