Tuesday 5 January 2021

That's What YOU link!

Hey! The blog this year has a snappy indented purple border !

Like never before!

That's true.

And it has ME!

Like , at least once or twice, before!

But not with these socks on!



Reader (s) can't see your socks.

They don't WANT to see my socks, what they want to see is the Bitsnbobs' Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy Thing 2020 playlist!

They do?

We promised!!

True - ok, so December the fir....

Hang on!


We should point out that this is NOT the first Bitsnbob's Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thing Thing that has been published here on Bitsnbobs.

We should?

So that people understand that if their favourite ditty is not dittied,  then it might have been before.

Ok, so Dec the f....

HANG ON! We should also point out that the Bisnbob's Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy Thing has strict editorial principles.

It does?

You're the editor, surely it does.

I'm not Shirley.

The Bitsnbob's Musical christmassy thingy thing is a MUSICAL advent calendar wherein doors you can open to find a surprise are replaced with musical videos you can open to hear a surprise.

So the musical choices tend towards 'let's surprise' and away from 'that's the best Christmas ditty ever'.

And if you want to hear Slade , you can start by writing Slade in the search box up there in the top left corner and see what happens. I did , and i had to replace a video that got taken down between 2011 and now!

And if you want the Bitsnbobs' advent calendar with opening doors - you should go here (this is a link). And follow the links to the subsequent 24 posts.

AND - if you did the former and are left thinking - what is it with Bitsnbobs and Slade - then you should go here (another link).

You don't have to write (this is a link), people will see that it's a link.

That's what you link!

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