Thursday 21 May 2020

Confinement 20.

sketchbook/may 2020



Vingtième lettre de l’alphabet.

A turn-up for the books.

Is that correct?

Or turn-out?

La seizième des consonnes. (une dentale sourde).

It should be turn-up, whether it is or isn’t; I can make sense of that.

I’m reading a book at the moment, I’ve reached page 514 out of 1236.

Some ways to go.

I’ve turned up a page, number 329.

A turn-up for the books, something surprising?


I’ll quote – He was dishonest to a fault, the truth was not in him, and if it can be said that he resembled any other living animal in the world, it could only have been the hyena. We will not see another one like him for quite a while…..

That was 1974.

Is it just me or do MR Trump and Mr Johnson spring to mind?

Symbole du tesla.


Equivalent à l’induction magnètique uniforme qui, répartie normalement sur une surface de 1 metre carré, produit à travers cette surface un flux magnétique total de 1 weber.

My turntable has stopped turning uniformly.

My strimmer has stopped strimming, my bike has stopped biking and the car has stopped full stop, but it’s the turnable that is troubling.


I'll look up Weber on W.


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