Friday, 3 April 2020

Confinement 4.

The sketchbook/March 2020


 Distancing – there’s a word for these times, but what does the dictionary tell us?

 D n.m. Quatrième(that figures) lettre d’alphabet et la troisième des consonnes.    
 Consonne occlusive dentale.

 I don’t think I need to translate that.

 Chiffre romain qui vaut 500.

 And that’s a little interesting because C – and I forgot to mention this last time – is                              
 worth only 100.

That’s quite a big difference – if I was C I might be unhappy about that.

Distancing I’m not too unhappy about that, love can cover a thousand miles let alone                                       a yard or two.

Système D (fam), habilé à se tirer d’affaire

Possibily an ‘ability to get by’ – though I’m relying on Google translate to help me                             here, I’ve never heard anyone say it.

Yep, getting by – we all are in individual ways.

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