Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Decision Time for The Six Senses.

Bocchum/Feb 2020

Clock ticking.

The clock is ALWAYS ticking, but tonight I hear it.

As I also feel the tingling in my fingers.


Waiting for no man?

Or woman.

Or anyone in between; I heard that on the radio earlier.

I can SMELL the soup.

I can HEAR the clock, FEEL the tingling in my finders yet I can SMELL the soup.

It’s not quite finished – it is sitting, softening, before its adventure in the blender.

Carrot and red pepper. (Email or leave a comment if you want the recipe).

(If I can remember what I did).


I can SEE the bottle of wine.

I can FEEL the bottle of wine.

Clearly, I’m drinking this bottle of wine, or at least half of it.

It’s decision time.

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